Specialty Services

At Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, we understand that you sometimes require treatment for specific health-related issues that reach beyond your primary care doctor. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of specialty care services that include colon and rectal care, high risk maternal-fetal care, treatment of the ear, nose and throat (ENT), pain management, vascular services, electrophysiology, neurosurgery and cardiology. And every team has the technology at their fingertips to ensure that you're always in the best of hands.

We make collaboration a priority, maintaining open lines of communication and regularly consulting with fellow specialists and referring physicians to determine the most effective treatment plan. We're committed to continuity of care and helping you make informed decisions.

The Neuroscience Integrative Center

Led by Roger Lichtenbaum, M.D., a highly specialized neurosurgeon, this program provides the latest neurological diagnostics and surgical treatments for disorders of the brain and spine - including strokes in progress. Innovative treatment options include image-guided neurosurgery, microsurgery and minimally invasive spinal surgery. Learn more.

Cardiology Care

Highly skilled cardiologists and cardiac surgeons provide comprehensive care around the clock for patients experiencing heart problems. Our facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing and treating heart problems, including a 64-slice CT scanner, Electrophysiology Lab, Cardiac Catheterization Lab and cardiac MRI. Learn more.

CardioThoracic & Vascular Services

Our skilled team of vascular surgeons has expertise in both traditional procedures, like open heart surgery, and minimally invasive procedures such as angioplasty and stent placement. We treat a complete spectrum of challenges, including peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms and aortic valve replacement. Learn more.

Electrophysiology Services

For those with arrhythmias, or abnormal heartbeats, our advanced Electrophysiology Lab allows us to precisely 'map' the heart's electrical system. Our expert team of heart rhythm specialists uses the results to pinpoint the problem that can often be treated with minimally invasive techniques such as catheter ablation. Learn more.

Colon and Rectal Care

Tim Heilizer, M.D., our fellowship trained, board-certified surgeon, has years of experience providing the highest level of care for a wide range of colon, rectal and anal disorders — from hemorrhoids to colon and rectal cancer. State-of-the-art colonoscopy is available to prevent, detect and treat cancer or precancerous polyps. Learn more.


With a focus on early detection and prompt treatment, our digestive disease specialists treat a wide range of gastrointestinal issues in our Gastroenterology Suite. Conditions range from abdominal pain and appetite problems to gallbladder issues and ulcers. We also care for our younger patients at our Adolescent Gastroenterology Clinic, which caters to pediatric and adolescent care. Learn more.

Pain Management Care

Using a multidisciplinary approach, our pain management specialists help patients find relief from spine pain, chronic headaches, cancer pain, myofascial syndromes and more. A comprehensive range of advanced treatments is available, including steroid injections, spinal cord stimulators and nerve blocks. Learn more.

High Risk Maternal-Fetal Care

Our maternal-fetal medicine experts ensure a high level of support for women with high-risk pregnancies and comprehensive care before, during and after delivery. Services provided include ultrasound exams, genetic counseling, diabetes education and testing for fetal well-being. Learn more.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Services

Our board-certified ENT specialists, called otolaryngologists, treat a full range of diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat, including allergies, swallowing problems, facial nerve disorders and dizziness as well as tumors of the head, neck and thyroid. We also provide integrated, comprehensive care for sinusitis and sleep apnea. Learn more.

Surgical Services

With specialties that range from cardiology to orthopedics to cancer care, our surgeons use the latest technology and techniques to diagnose and treat most any condition. We offer expertise in minimally invasive procedures and in the treatment of complex medical problems. Learn more.

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