Presence Life Connections

The Chaplain's Role

We strive to provide excellent health care supported by excellent Spiritual Care. Chaplains respect your dignity and privacy. We do not impose our beliefs or religious practices. We are caring listeners who have been trained to help with your special needs as a patient/resident and those of your family and significant support persons. We work with the health care team so that your human and spiritual needs are met.

Call a Chaplain

  • When you are anxious about your life and condition
  • When you are anticipating surgery
  • When you receive bad news
  • When you feel drained or exhausted over a loved one’s care
  • When you face difficult decisions
  • When you have a religious question
  • When you want someone to pray with you
  • When you want to receive a sacrament or attend Mass
  • When you are struggling with the meaning of your life
  • When you are dealing with issues of forgiveness or gratitude
  • When you are grieving over a loss
  • When you are having trouble sorting out your feelings
  • When you are lonely or when you want to celebrate your life
  • When you would like someone just to listen

If you have questions, or for urgent issues, please contact the receptionist to alert the Spiritual Care chaplain to respond as soon as humanly possible.