Presence Life Connections

Frequently Asked Questions          

What do I look for in a Home Care Provider?

Finding appropriate home health and hospice care providers requires some research. You will need to consult with your physician to evaluate your home care or hospice care needs.

How do I arrange for Home Care?

After receiving a referral from your physician, our staff will assign a home care nurse or physical therapist to visit your home to assess your condition, contact your physician to discuss your home care needs and decide on the most appropriate services.

We work closely with your physician to tailor services to your needs as prescribed. We are in touch with your physician throughout your care, keeping your physician up-to-date on your condition. We also work closely with you, your family and caregivers to transition care.

Does my insurance cover Home Care?

Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and private pay all cover home care. Once the type of insurance coverage is approved, the primary insurance carrier is billed directly. Before home care can begin, our home care reimbursement specialists will receive certification and eligibility of benefits. Case management nurses work directly with you to coordinate benefits and provide the most cost-effective care that is right for your needs.