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If your first weight loss surgery didn’t create the results you’d hoped for, you may be considering revisional bariatric surgery, which is a medical term for second weight loss surgery. The first thing to know is that you may have done everything right and your first surgery may still have failed – through no fault of your own.

About Revisional Bariatric Surgery

There are several reasons why a first bariatric surgery may not work. One of those is that the connection between the small intestine and the stomach pouch opens too widely, allowing the stomach to empty more quickly and preventing you from feeling full. Or the pouch may stretch, increasing in size so that it holds more food and causes weight gain. Whatever your reason for considering a second surgery, we don’t judge. It can happen to anyone.

Full Range of Options

There are several approaches to revisional bariatric surgery. Which is right for you depends on your history, expectations and goals. We’ll walk you through your options and customize the best plan of care for you. Options include revision of: • LAP-BAND to gastric sleeve • LAP-BAND to gastric bypass • Gastric sleeve to gastric bypass • Gastric sleeve to duodenal switch

A Focus on Wellness and Treating the Whole You

You’ll work with Presence Health’s Chicago Institute of Bariatrics, a team of highly trained surgeons and nurses who have helped hundreds of people achieve significant weight loss. We treat the whole patient, providing the education and counseling necessary to understand every facet of the options available to you and what each means for all aspects of your health. Our team includes a dietitian, psychologist, and even an insurance specialist as full-time staff to help you fully understand your options and make the necessary lifestyle changes for revisional surgery before and after the procedure.

Start with a Free Seminar

Learn more about sleeve gastrectomy and other weight loss procedures by attending one of our free seminars. It’s a great chance to meet the team, ask questions and see if bariatric surgery is right for you. Seminars are available at three convenient locations. To save your spot at an upcoming session, please call us:

• Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet and Presence Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston: 877.737.4636.

• Presence Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago: 877-3-YOU-CAN

For more information about weight loss surgery, and to schedule a consultation, please call 877.737.4636.