Presence Life Connections

Sharing and caring.

Presence Intergenerational Center provides a unique and rewarding experience for both older adults and children. Presence Intergenerational Center is the home of our child care center, Presence Fortin Villa Learning Center and our adult day care center, Presence Heritage Day Break.

Our intergenerational program brings together different generations for ongoing planned activities as well as spontaneous interaction. Both young and old alike share talents and resources, supporting each other and developing special relationships.

Benefits for children:

  • Increases understanding of the aging process and positive attitudes toward aging
  • Promotes better behavior in the classroom and other environments
  • Enhances learning of social skills such as empathy, manners and respectfulness
  • Prepares children for school by teaching them respect and acceptance of people who are different than themselves

Benefits for older adults:

  • Demonstrates their value to society by helping children learn and grow
  • Increases emotional support and expands social roles
  • Provides enhanced socialization opportunities
  • Enhances wellness and quality of life by daily interaction with children

Activities create community

  • When children and older adults spend time together at the Presence Intergenerational Center, they enjoy a variety of life enrichment opportunities: 
  • Arts and crafts projects like painting, drawing and sculpting to inspire creativity and enhance fine motor skills
  • Story-telling to improve cognitive skills
  • Alphabet bingo and working with shapes to help children learn and keep older adults’ memories sharp
  • Fashion and talent shows to promote confidence
  • Playing games to stay active

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