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Presence Health Partners is leading the way.

Presence Health Partners allows you access to physicians and services associated with Presence Health, one of the largest health systems in Illinois.  As the result, you can get the care that you need, when you need it.

Our goal is to empower people to achieve their optimal health.  We accomplish this by providing members with a wide network of health care providers, comprehensive resources and health education.  We recognize that staying healthy is often best achieved as a partnership between you and your physician, so we try to make that as easy as possible.  With extended office hours and access to immediate care locations, we’re here when you need us.

The following provides a listing of Presence Health Partners insurance plans, accepted at most Presence Health hospitals and outpatient centers.  Other insurance plans may also be accepted.  Because there can be variations within plans, we suggest contacting your employer or insurance carrier to verify your individual coverage.


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BCBSIL Precision HMO:
Presence Health and its affiliated physicians are committed to making health care more convenient for you and your family. As a result, your doctor offers extended hours for routine care to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. Letter for BCBSIL members.

With Blue Precision HMO plans:

  • You may have lower premium costs than PPO plans
  • Your selected primary care physician (PCP) coordinates your care within the network
  • A referral is required to see a specialist


Gold Plans have a higher monthly premium and often lower out-of-pocket costs than silver plans. In most cases, gold plans cover 80% of costs, while you cover 20%.


All silver plans offer the same essential health benefits, quality, and amount of care. The differences are your premium costs, how much of the bill you pay for things like hospital visits or prescription medications, and your total out-of-pocket costs.

Silver plans have a higher monthly premium and often lower out-of-pocket costs than bronze plans. In most cases, silver plans cover 70% of costs, while you cover 30%. Silver plans are the only plans that offer cost sharing discounts. These discounts help lower the out-of-pocket costs like your deductible, copayment and coinsurance.


Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premium and often the highest out-of-pocket costs. In most cases, bronze plans cover 60% of costs, while you cover 40%. 

BCBSIL Medicare Advantage:

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans can be seen as an all-in-one option and offers:

  • Original Medicare coverage
  • Additional benefits and services not covered by Original Medicare or most Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
  • Built-in Prescription Drug coverage


Humana HMO:

With a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, you may choose a primary care physician (PCP) from Humana's network to coordinate all of your care. There are two types of HMO plans — Traditional HMO and Open Access HMO. An HMO plan is a good choice if you are willing to use certain providers in exchange for lower out-of-pocket costs.

Humana Medicare Advantage:

  • Combines drug and medical coverage in one plan*
  • Fitness and wellness programs at no cost**                                                                                                          

Imagine Health:

Medicare Value Partners ACO: ACO Overview

A group of Presence Health doctors, hospitals and other caregivers who partnered to give improved care to Medicare Fee-for-Service patients. It’s called an “accountable” care organization because everyone who participates holds themselves accountable for the quality and outcome of each patient’s care.


Unite Here Health:

The mission of UNITE HERE HEALTH, a Taft-Hartley labor management trust fund, is to provide health benefits that offer high-quality, affordable health care to our participants at better value with better service than is otherwise available in the market. We believe our success depends on innovation and on engaging our participants.

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