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The initial procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and uses an endoscope, similar to a procedure to check for a stomach ulcer. No cutting or stitching, and you will be sedated for your comfort.

How does ReShape work?
The ReShape 'balloon' is a soft, dual-balloon intragastric (inside the stomach) device that is temporarily inserted into the stomach.

How is this program different?
The ReShape Balloon, combined with the comprehensive weight loss program at the Chicago Institute for Advanced Bariatrics is unique in that it's not just a stand-alone diet, not surgery and not a diet pill.

How much weight will I lose?
Studies show balloon patients on average, lose 25% of their body fat. On average, the dual balloon patients lost twice as much weight as patients who only received diet and exercise counseling. Study patients who received the balloon lost and kept off an average of nearly 15 pounds in the first 6 months.

Is there support to help me?
Our comprehensive weight loss program covers 12 months of professional support. This includes the insertion and removal of the balloon, regular checkups and customized coaching with a nutritionist, therapist and nurse navigator as you need to help achieve your weight loss goal.

Our team will help you push the reset button on your weight loss, take charge of your relationship with food and make portion control possible. The ReShape Balloon can help you lose weight by helping your stomach get fuller quicker and stay fuller longer.

To learn more about ReShape balloon, contact us at 877.3.YOU.CAN (968.226).