Body Movement

What is body movement?

Non-aerobic movement with controlled breathing can be practiced to reduce stress and anxiety, often associated with disease and illness. Two ancient oriental body movement techniques are:

  • Tai Chi, an ancient form of martial art, is well-suited for the elderly or weakened. Based on Taoism, a Chinese belief system, the practice of Tai Chi includes slow, graceful movements and rhythmic breathing.

    Tai Chi helps to:
    • decrease blood pressure.
    • increase stamina, muscle tone, and flexibility.
    • improve posture, balance, muscle mass, and strength in older people.
  • Yoga is an ancient posturing and breathing technique from India. Yoga means "union." Yoga also uses slow movement, in addition to meditation and breathing exercises to reach a state of relaxation.

    Yoga helps to:
    • reduce stress.
    • reduce pain associated with some chronic illnesses.
    • eliminate headaches and insomnia.
    • improve stamina for some athletes.
    • enhance quality of life for some cancer patients.

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