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The Mechanical Embolus Retrieval in Cerebral Ischemia, or MERCI retriever (below), is a treatment approach for removing blood clots that have blocked small blood vessels in the brain. The device, which is passed from a blood vessel in the leg into the blood vessel in the brain, captures the clot and pulls it out of the body, returning blood flow to the area.

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The Penumbra stroke system (below) treatment uses a catheter, snaked through the vessels from the groin to the brain, to rapidly restore blood flow in the brain and limit damage caused by stroke. The device also uses an aspirator (suction device) to assist with capturing and removing the brain clot.

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Click on the card below to open and print a symptoms card that you can keep it in your wallet. Note: Once you print the document, you will need to cut out the card with scissors to make it wallet-size.

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Preventing a Stroke

A healthy lifestyle is the best defense against stroke. See your doctor annually to discuss your risk and how to lower your chances of having a stroke. If you don't have a doctor, search for one online.

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