Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Our surgeons have performed hundreds of revisional surgeries. Our team of experts will help you to customize the best operation for you, regardless of your original surgery. If you are struggling to lose the weight you hoped to lose with surgery, we can work with you to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes for revisional surgery. We offer many revisonal surgery options including:

  • Gastric band over gastric bypass
  • Re-sleeve (tightening a stretched prior sleeve gastrectomy)
  • Gastric bypass after gastric sleeve
  • Gastric band to gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass to gastric sleeve
  • Gastric plication (folding of dilated stomach)

All of these operations are done laparoscopically with an overnight stay at our institute.

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We understand that

diets don't always work

Obesity is a serious and complex disease that affects the lives of 30% of Americans. At The Chicago Institute of Advanced Bariatrics, we have the experience and tools to help you overcome obesity. We offer a complete range of surgical solutions to help you lose weight and the long-term support to help you keep it off.

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