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Comprehensive Cancer Care

We provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cancer care services. We offer the care you deserve in a compassionate environment. Plus, we're accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons (Coc). This accreditation means we provide the best in cancer diagnosis and treatment and comply with rigorous standards established by the CoC.

Our services include the following:

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team

The Oncology health care team provides a multidisciplinary approach to the manage-ment and care of the cancer patient. The oncology team comprises:

  • Physicians - We have many of the best physicians who specialize in the treatment of cancer. Their expertise is utilized in specific areas related to cancer diagnosis, surgical intervention, and therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy.
  • Oncology Staff Nurse - Registered nurses who have been individually certified in cancer care. They have knowledge and experience that is specific to the care of cancer patients. Together with other members of the health care team, the oncology staff nurse develops and implements a plan of care that is designed to meet the individualized needs of cancer patients and their families.
  • Oncology Patient Navigator Services - The Oncology Patient Navigator is an advanced practice nurse who can help educate cancer patients and family about their diagnosis and treatment plan. The navigator provide referrals to appropriate cancer support programs and services and coordinate plan of care with other health care team members. Our goal is to meet the needs of our cancer patients and their families. Our services include the following:
    • Helping you understand your diagnosis, treatment and plan of care
    • Guiding you through your test results and treatment options
    • Assisting you with managing side effects from medications and treatments
    • Scheduling your doctor appointments, hospital tests or procedures
    • Providing service referrals
    • Connecting you to resources, including
      • social workers
      • nutritionists
      • rehabilitation services
      • spiritual and psychosocial services
      • financial services
      • Obtaining wigs and breast prostheses
      • Providing assistance with transportation
    To learn more about how our Patient Navigator can help you and your family, call 312-770-2563 or by email at navigator@presencehealth.org.
  • Dietitian - The oncology dietitian participates in the individual plan of care that is designed for patients by providing instruction and counseling that is related to the overall nutritional needs of the cancer patient. She provides assistance in meal planning, dietary modifications, and therapeutic counseling and utilizes the principles of good nutrition to achieve optimal nutritional status.
  • Spiritual Services - Chaplains are available to provide emotional support and spiritual counseling to cancer patients and their families. Members of Spiritual Services visit patients daily; provide for the needs of patients directly or through appropriate area religious leaders and clergy; meet with families to lend support; and provide continued pastoral support through local parishes when patients are discharged.
  • Social Workers - The oncology social worker is available to provide services which address the overall needs of the cancer patient. The social worker assists patients and their families in dealing with concerns and problems which may result from illness, hospitalization and/or disability. Services include counseling, locating community resources, helping with financial and/or legal concerns and directing patients and their families to needed resources within the community. Hospice and Palliative Care referrals are made for patients and families.
  • Occupational Therapy - The occupational therapist provides structured, purposeful activities which help cancer patients adapt to the effects of their disease. Patients are encouraged to be as independent as possible through the use of techniques which simplify care and activities of adult living. Physical Therapy, Home Health and Hospice services are also available as needed. Additionally, a patient's self esteem and sense of optimism are reinforced through activities that provide outlets for emotions and encourage decision making, problem solving and the development of new interests.

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