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Saint Joseph Hospital
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We provide care to women who have experienced disabling diseases or traumatic injury to regain control of their lives by restoring movement and function. Our team of experts develops individualized therapy plans that consider the unique needs, abilities and objectives of each patient.

Pre and Post-Partum Pain*

* Consult with your physician if you are experiencing symptoms related to pregnancy. A physician’s referral for physical therapy is required.

Physical therapy can help alleviate symptoms of back, pelvis and pelvic floor pain experienced by half of all pre- and post-partum women. The use of interventions can assist in providing comfort, pain relief, strengthening and education.

A thorough evaluation by a physical therapist will help determine appropriate treatment. Possible treatments include:

  • Education on the benefits of exercise
  • Guidelines for exercising safely
  • Instruction on core strengthening exercises, proper posture, and body mechanics
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Incision and scar care after Caesarian section
  • Manual techniques to balance your muscle and bone structures
  • Modalities to assist in pain relief and pelvic floor strengthening
  • Advice on abdominal bracing from pregnancy and post-partum support

Pilates Mat Exercise Classes

Pilates can help post-partum women who wish to regain strength and stability and decrease any back and/or pelvic pain that may have occurred during or after their pregnancy.

A trained physical therapist will lead small classes and provide techniques on how to build core strength by toning abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. Doing so can combat excessive flexibility in joints and muscles that may occur during or after pregnancy.

Additional Pilates exercise classes are also available for women who are not experiencing symptoms due to pregnancy. Classes are held on a limited basis.

Please consult with your physician on the appropriateness of your attendance at the classes; however, a physician’s prescription is not required.


* Consult with your physician if you are experiencing symptoms related to pregnancy. A physician’s referral for physical therapy is required.

Incontinence is common among post-partum women due to weakness in the pelvic floor muscles experienced during pregnancy.

A trained physical therapist can evaluate your particular situation and guide treatments that can help restore proper muscle function and improve your quality of life.

For More Information

For more information on rehabilitation services available in the Resurrection Health Care system, please visit the Rehabilitation Network.

Call 877-RES-INFO for Nurse Advice, Doctor Referrals or Class Registration Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm • Weekends 8 am to 4pm

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