Treatment Options

At the heart of our team-based treatment approach is our Multidisciplinary Conference. Each week, your entire treatment team gathers together to evaluate your regimen and your progress. The treatment plan they develop depends on your particular diagnosis, however, it may include one of the following options:

  • Clinical Trials - The Center for Cancer Care participates in numerous national and international trials of emerging cancer therapies. These not only give patients access to cutting-edge treatments, but also allow them to influence the nature of their care. Learn more about our clinical trial opportunities.
  • Surgery - In most cases, surgery to remove the tumor(s) is a treatment option. We are able to perform surgery conventionally or with cutting-edge technology. For certain patients, minimally invasive surgery reduces the risk of infection, hospital length of stay, pain, and results in less scarring.
  • IMRT - We offer a revolutionary therapy called Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy that's proven to deliver high doses of radiation with laser-like precision. It allows radiation to go directly to the tumor - without damaging nearby healthy tissue. In some cases, it can be used to treat tumors that might have been considered "too risky" just a few years ago. Radiation treatments are generally provided on an outpatient basis. Learn more about IMRT.
  • Chemotherapy - Our staff has decades of experience in successfully administering inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy - or the use of chemical agents to stop the growth of cancer cells. Depending on the nature of your cancer, treatment may be oral, IV-administered or injected. For the solution that is right for you, please speak with one of our distinguished physicians.
  • MammoSite - This is an alternative to traditional radiation treatment after a patient has undergone a lumpectomy. Radiation is administered through a catheter in site-specific doses over the course of days.
  • High Dose-rate Brachytherapy (HDR) - This treatment delivers a high dose of radiation directly to the tumor through a temporarily implanted catheter. For some patients, it is an alternative to more traditional "seed" implants. Learn more about HDR.

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