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Screening current and former heavy smokers with low-dose CT scans reduced their risk of death from lung cancer by 20 percent over traditional chest x-rays according to initial results of an eight year trial conducted by The National Cancer Institute.

Early detection of lung cancer is key to survival. This new study is the first to show benefits from CT lung screenings for those in high risk groups. “Up until now we always knew that there was an advantage to CT screening for lung cancer,” notes Dr. Richard Kane, attending radiologist at Saint Francis Hospital, “now this recent NCI Study confirms that there is a distinct and clear advantage for this exam for those patients in the high-risk category. Now that we have the study results and new technology that significantly lowers the dose from CT, this can be used as a viable option for patients who are at higher risk.”

Currently, only a few insurers cover a low-dose CT scan for this purpose. Otherwise, patients, and those with Medicare, have to pay out-of-pocket for the scan.

It is estimated that over 222,500 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010, and that 157,000 will die of it. This makes lung cancer the leading single cancer killer in the U.S.

Saint Francis Hospital is one of the few Chicagoland facilities where patients can have a low-dose CT scan, which exposes the patient with up to 40 percent less radiation than traditional CT scans. This advanced technology uses a sophisticated image reconstruction technique that makes it possible to dramatically reduce radiation dose without compromising image quality.

Radiation dose depends on multiple unique factors such as patient weight/build, type of scan, image area and resolution. Customarily, the more radiation used, the sharper the images. However, this new technology does not sacrifice image quality with the reduced radiation dosage.

To have a low-dose CT scan, ask your physician for a referral to Saint Francis Hospital.


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