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Bridging the Gap Between Hospital and Home

Designed to ease the transition from hospital to home, the Day Rehabilitation Program at Resurrection Medical Center is offered to patients who no longer require hospitalization but must still undergo intensive, regular therapy. The program helps patients bridge the gap by continuing the necessary level of therapy while allowing the opportunity to return to daily life.

Through the Day Rehabilitation Program, patients continue their schedule of physical, occupational and/or speech therapies in an outpatient setting three to five times a week and then return home. The program is structured to empower patients and to help them achieve their goals in a supportive, safe environment.

Individuals in the program enjoy many benefits:

  • A designated team providing consistent, tailored therapy under the leadership of a physiatrist.
  • Ability to live at home while undergoing therapy for two to six hours a day.
  • Transportation resources and coordination.
  • Highly skilled clinicians to address an individual’s needs in the transition at home, such as determining the degree of supervision needed or planning therapy to address safety needs, community needs, shopping, return to work, public transportation, driving, etc.
  • Comfortable and pleasant environments with space for rest, relaxation, eating and visiting.
  • Supportive staff to provide necessary assistance and supervision while attending the program.

Progressing Toward Recovery

Team of Specialists Focused on You

Each patient in the Day Rehabilitation Program enjoys the benefit of not just one therapist, but a team of specialists. Each team of experienced professionals is led by a physiatrist - a physician specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Depending on the needs of the patient, the team may also include physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, recreational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, rehabilitation assistants, social workers, psychologists, chaplains and dietitians.

The physiatrist regularly reviews the care plan for each patient to monitor progress and make sure that the treatment is appropriate. Specially trained clinicians serve as case managers and assist with insurance matters. Therapists conduct thorough evaluations of individual skills, coordinate the development of care plans and individualize treatment programs. Patients and their families are integral members of the rehabilitation team and contribute to the development of their own care plan.

Targeting your Needs

The Resurrection Medical Center Rehabilitation Center of Chicago is dedicated to helping people recover or improve their physical functioning through a wide range of rehabilitation services. Our goal is to empower patients to reach their own goals so that they can participate more fully in all aspects of life. Comprehensive care is provided by a team of experiences specialists who address all the patient’s needs – from medical and physical to psychological and spiritual.

At the Resurrection Medical Center Rehabilitation Center of Chicago, interdisciplinary team-based therapy is available for:

  • Mobility – walking and wheelchair skills.
  • Communication - speaking, reading, writing – The Day Rehab program also offers Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) - specialized voice therapy provided by a trained and certified speech-language pathologist.
  • Problem solving and cognitive skills – organizing and executing daily tasks.
  • Daily living skills – self care, homemaking, cooking, recreation.
  • Community reintegration – public transportation, shopping, dining, returning to work.
  • Upgrading other functional skills – swallowing, coordination, balance.

All Resurrection Medical Center rehabilitation services are licensed by the State of Illinois and are Medicare certified.

Resurrection Medical Center has been accredited by CARF for the following medical rehabilitation programs:

  • Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program (Adult).
  • Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation in the Day Rehabilitation Program, Rehabilitation Center of Chicago (Adult).
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