Pain Center Restores Senior's
Quality of Life After Falling

Lillian Werner was in pain. After falling over a throw rug in a friend's home during a celebration, this 90-year-old experienced pain like she has never felt before. "The pain was so severe, I thought I never would be able to stand again," said Werner.

A MRI revealed that Werner had a fractured L3 vertebra. Without proper intervention, Werner's quality of life would rapidly decline and this active senior would be confined to a wheelchair. Her orthopedic surgeon, Daniel Sullivan, D.O., referred Werner to Resurrection Medical Center's (RMC) Pain Center for treatment and pain management options.

"My greatest fear is losing my independence. All I could think of was a nursing home because the pain," said Werner. "I was relieved to know that Resurrection Medical Center has a Pain Center where there are experts who deal with pain issues all the time."

Naveen Tipirneni, M.D., who is board certified in pain management and anesthesiology, met with Werner, evaluated her case, and determined she would greatly benefit from vertebroplasty. Vertebroplasty involves guiding a needle into the affected area of the vertebra and injecting it with an orthopedic cement to stabilize and prevent its collapse.

"Vertebroplasty is a relatively safe procedure with very minimal risks and complications," said Dr. Tipirneni. "Lillian's vertebroplasty went smoothly and she should expect a full recovery."

RMC's Pain Center follows a multidisciplinary treatment approach involving physical therapy, psychology, and surgical evaluations when needed. Dr. Tipirneni follows each patient through their prescribed treatments providing patients with outstanding continuity of care. Conditions he has treated include: Back pain with or without leg pain, neck pain with or without arm pain, continued pain following neck/ back surgery, cancer pain, vertebral compression fracture, work-related injuries, headaches, diabetic neuropathy, and shingles pain among others.

Werner says she felt some improvement right after the procedure and really felt better two-weeks post-op. Though she has some other pain issues being treated by Dr. Tipirneni, she is extremely grateful for the care she has received.

"You can't take pain forever," says Werner. "When Tylenol™ doesn't work, you need to see a specialist no matter what age you are."

For more information about the Pain Center services, call 773-792-5177.

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