Donor Ambassadors

"The heart of a donor pumps generosity from a well that God constantly refills with gratitude. The well never goes dry and the pump never stops working."

Resurrection Development Foundation thanks each and every donor who demonstrates a heart for health care through their generosity. Some of their stories are shared here.

Our mission is to support the ministry of Resurrection Health Care through fundraising and stewardship. We are dedicated to keeping your community-based Catholic health care facility strong. Thank you for your support.

For more information, contact Kate Monteleone at 847-813-3459.

Featured Story

George and June Block
"Our family business supports hospitals, so it was important to us that our gift makes an impact on health care..."

Eleanor Badalich
"We call Casa a retirement community, but I find that I'm as busy now..."
Doris Mesenbrink
More than 70 years ago, a young woman from Rochester, Wis., moved to Oak Park...
Frank Pranschke
Before they retired, Frank and Vita Pranschke did some long-term planning...
Stan and Dorothy Banas
Resurrection Medical Center has been blessed with the friendship of Stan and Dorothy...
Bob and Sheila Hulseman
In 1958, Sheila Hulseman delivered her first baby at Saint Francis Hospital. Little did she know...
Paul Bowers
Paul Bowers always had a knack for managing money. The son of Croatian parents...
Dorothy and Ed Renno
To express this gratitude, the Rennos gave their first gift to Saint Francis Hospital in 1969...

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