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Suzanne Zaccone

Suzanne Zaccone

What does a patient do when she has been diagnosed with breast cancer?

"When the big C reared its ugly head for me, I responded by seeking five opinions," said Suzanne Zaccone about choosing a doctor to help fight her battle. "Then I met Dr. Mark Connolly," she said. "I knew that I was with not only a medical genius and surgical artist, but a caregiver as well."

Dr. Connolly is the Medical Director of the Center for Cancer Care at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago.

Suzanne was impressed when he answered two pages of questions with "extreme sensitivity" and put her "instantly at ease."

"He sealed the deal with a statement I will never forget. 'Suzanne,' he said, 'I am certain that you would receive excellent care wherever you decide to go. All I can tell you is that I am a very good surgeon and I will take very good care of you.'"

"That was the perfect answer for me."

Suzanne survived cancer and the experience changed how she sees the world. "It's changed the person I am, the partner I am, the sister I am," she said. "The daughter, friend, and aunt I am today."

Suzanne believes the Zaccone Family Foundation holds an obligation to give back when it can, as well as to honor people who make magic happen every day, people like Dr. Connolly. She recently did just that by making her first $50,000 gift to purchase new technology that identifies cancerous lymph nodes. This makes surgery more precise and less invasive for the patient. She intends to continue supporting the physician she is so grateful to.

"I now am more able to recognize," Suzanne concluded, "that we are all connected and everything has meaning if you just take the time to look for it."

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