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The world’s most advanced cancer treatment technology, the TomoTherapy Hi Art-System™, is a state-of-the-art radiation therapy that revolutionizes the way radiation is delivered to cancer patients at Resurrection Medical Center.

Unlike traditional radiation therapies, patients have the convenience of diagnosis and treatment in one comfortable location with daily updates on their condition.

TomoTherapy takes a fresh look at each patient during treatment using a CT scan. This scan provides 3-D imaging, allowing us to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor. During the same quick session, patients receive painless and precise radiation therapy. Radiation is delivered in a 360-degree spiral to minimize exposure to surrounding healthy tissue for accurate and precise treatment.

Benefits For You

Traditional therapies can only project from a few different directions, but TomoTherapy’s advantage is that the increased accuracy allows for the radiation to target the tumor only. This means that higher doses of radiation can be delivered to the tumor, but significantly lower radiation doses are delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Patient benefits include:

  • Convenient - Diagnostic imaging and treatment in one location
  • Quick and pain-free - Takes about 20 minutes and is completely painless
  • Precise - 3-D CT scan pinpoints exact tumor location before every treatment
  • Reduced side effects - Minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue
  • Comfortable and safe - Large opening, enclosed moving parts and full shield

To learn more about TomoTherapy, talk to your oncologist. Search for an oncologist at Resurrection Medical Center online.

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