Lincoln Park Professionals Program

"Life has been much better sober, the tools and support I have make staying sober much easier. You have to really want it. I am enjoying my life now."

"I will definitely recommend the Professionals Program to others. Great program, staff, community and location."

"I really feel I have become a different person being here. I loved my counselor. He was a great leader with such amazing insight into people."

"I really feel that I have been given the tools for a lifelong recovery. It is now up to me to use them work the steps and stay connected with all the people at the Professionals Program."

"My counselor's insight into my inability to identify my own feelings has been the key to my recovery, I feel. It continues to enable me to learn more about myself. Thank you."

"Being with other professionals in the Professional's Program alleviated my professional guilt and raised my self-esteem greatly."

"The staff really helped me through issues related to my license and were very knowledgeable about how to handle my legal/professional problems. The program's continued support will also help me through these issues."

Downtown Chicago

"Having gone through treatment programs unsuccessfully in the past, I am very grateful to the Downtown Program for providing me the necessary support, structure and customized treatment plan to help me overcome my addiction issues."

"Thank you for everything Leah - I can't believe where I am now! The creative bug is finally back... I'm living again!"

"I'm finally learning how to open up about my feelings. I don't always like it, but I'm doing it! Thank you for everything..."

"I learned so much from this program and your support has really helped me to find myself again. Thank you!"

Downers Grove

"I had previous treatment and this treatment has gone much deeper."

"The staff has demonstrated time and time again their willingness to go above and beyond to insure high quality patient care, and that's not something you find often." - Parent of Adolescent Patient

"I have seen such a dramatic difference in my son since he has entered this program. Thank you for giving me my son back." Parent of Adolescent Patient

"I just had the most magical sober weekend I've ever had in my life, and never would have got to this point without the encouragement and help of this program. Thank you" - Patient

"This is different than any of the five other treatment programs I've been in. None of them were as caring and helpful as this program."

Lake Bluff

"All of the counselors had so much knowledge about addiction. I loved group sessions - we became a family."

"What I found most helpful was the wisdom of the staff and how they complement each other..."

"Could not ask for a better staff…so professional."

"Love the program, staff and patients..."

"I felt very, very comfortable asking for help or advice."

"Thanks for everything, I'll miss you guys!!..."

Palos Heights

"Your heart is very giving... and mine is very grateful."

"Thanks you so much for all of your help and support in my early sobriety! We are blessed to have you!"

"Thank you for what you have done. My dad is a good person now. We are happy!"

"The setup of lengthy small group discussion I think is extremely helpful. This has been the most beneficial treatment experience for me and my sobriety."

"Not only do the people here do very well at their jobs, they take pride in how they do it. They actually care about the people here. I have been to many places and none match this. You all put 100 percent into every person and care about us. No other place is like this!"

"A caring and sympathetic environment that is here to help people."

"Helped me to understand my disease and fix me."

"Experienced, fair, inclusive and insightful leadership. This was not the "insurance mill" experience. I genuinely learned a lot as did my peers."

"I am back on track and I have gotten back to AA and friends."

"It is good to be accountable to someone for my actions."

Call 877-RES-INFO for Nurse Advice, Doctor Referrals or Class Registration Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm • Weekends 8 am to 4pm

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