Positive Sobriety Manual

This manual, developed by Daniel H. Angres M.D., provides a workbook that helps the reader understand what addiction is and helps the reader walk through the treatment process and ultimately guides the reader to moving beyond abstinence and into optimal well-being.

The book is meant to guide you through the process of character development in sobriety by outlining the essential elements of treatment and recovery.

  • Chapter 1 discusses the latest findings of the positive psychology movement and how it relates to addiction.
  • Chapter 2 outlines what we know about the neurobiology of addiction.
  • Chapters 3 and 4 walk thru the treatment components we use in our addiction setting.
  • Chapter 5 explores the interface of personality and addiction.
  • Chapter 6 explores motivations for use.
  • Chapter 7 explores the elements of happiness.
  • Chapter 8 looks at developing a meditative practice.
  • Chapter 9 provides worksheets to assist in operationalizing these concepts.
  • Chapter 10 describes our research initiatives and what we have learned to date as well as details of the TCI.
  • The appendix is filled with links to helpful resources.

    This book will serve different purposes. For someone in our Professionals Program, it will serve as a guide and resource as you progress through the program to aftercare and beyond. For someone not in our program it can walk you through this program. This book is not meant as a substitute for a treatment program, but can direct those in need to where they need to go for their recovery.

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