Specialized Program Services

First Step: Schedule an Assessment

An individual assessment is the first step to getting help. This assessment will include a comprehensive review of the chemical-use history, pattern and its effects on the individual's health and functioning. The assessment is done by a certified addiction counselor and includes a physician consultation if needed. The assessment will include a recommendation for treatment.

Professionals Program in Lincoln Park - Specializes in the treatment of chemical dependency in high-accountability professionals from health care and other vocations.
Independent Living Community (ILC) - A supportive living environment in apartments in the community that provide a residential living option for patients in the Professionals Program. In this residential setting, patients are able to live in a highly supportive community with peers sharing similar concerns and issues.
Multidisciplinary Assessment Program (MAP) - A 2-to-3 day evaluation designed to assess complex behavioral problems, conducted by a team including multiple disciplines and specialties. This specialized assessment program is for high-accountability individuals.
Family Week Program - An intensive treatment experience for family members of patients in the Professionals Program
Relapse Intervention Program - Specialized program for persons who have established recovery, but returned to chemical dependency use.
Relapse Prevention and Treatment Services - Designed for individuals, who have successfully completed a primary treatment program and had some success in recovery from chemical dependency and returned to active alcohol or substance use.
DUI Services - A full range of services that meet the legal requirements imposed following a conviction from Driving Under the Influence.
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