Independent Living Community (ILC)

Program Description

In a treatment program designed by Dr. Daniel Angres for professionals, intensive programmatic care at the day hospital or intensive outpatient program levels is not only cost effective, but it also challenges the patient's unrealistic expectations and discourages the dependence and regression often seen in inpatient settings.

The combination of being in the intensive day program and living in a therapeutic community is the optimal situation for treatment. Patients are able to live in the residence, become a part of the peer community and deal with issues that arise in both the treatment program and in their living together. At the same time, they are learning about the disease process and their own personal recovery needs.

The ILC is provided in apartments convenient to the professionals program. The ILC provides a peer supportive living environment for patients in the day hospital or day intensive outpatient programs. Residents are responsible for their own meals and other daily living needs while in treatment.

All professionals seem to share the following issues that are more easily confronted and addressed in group settings with peers who are in similar circumstances:

  • Massive denial compounded by a fear of the consequences in their ability to continue active practice in their profession
  • Grandiosity with high degree of defensiveness and a need to be in control
  • Image of superiority based on their profession - accustomed to being in charge, being decision makers, controlling others
  • High accountability for safety or management of others
  • Dual diagnosis

In treatment patients who live in the ILC quickly bond with their peer professionals. In the community of their peers, they lose their sense of isolation and uniqueness and find it easy to share their professional fears with others. Because the occupants of the apartment residences are in various stages of treatment, they model and mirror recovery for each other. By integrating treatment with residential living and adding a strong family program, outpatient programming is allowed to be even more intense than the traditional residential model.

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