Family Services

Because family involvement is critical both for the well-being of the family members as well as the patient's successful recovery from addiction, our Family Services Programs provide education and counseling for family members.

Available at the following locations:

About the Program

Addiction not only impacts the patients in our programs, but it also has significant effects on the family. Trust is often lost, anger may arise, conflict brings hurt and pain, and there are almost always problems with communication and problem solving. Within our programs, we do not forget or ignore the family, but feel strongly that attention to family issues helps the recovery process for both the patient and the family members. Families need to "unhook" from the illness, so that they can establish their own recovery and balance independent of the patient's response to treatment.

Program Components

  • Family counseling sessions with the patient and the counselor to determine what needs to be addressed
  • Multifamily groups to address concerns and identify progress, as well as provide support
  • Family education sessions that may include lectures, films/videos, or handouts that will stimulate conversation and assist with the healing process
  • Family referral services to address ongoing needs in the recovery process
  • Self-Help Groups from Al-Anon (AA) and Families Anonymous (FA) where family members can talk with others in similar situations regarding their experiences and hopes

All of these components provide an opportunity for open communication between family members and begin the healing process.

A special program for family members is the intensive Family Week Program offered as part of the Professionals Program.

Treatment Length

Family Groups vary in duration per session as well as in the overall number of the weeks the group meets. For additional information, please contact the Program Managers.

What to Expect

Program participants will discover that being in the treatment programs are unparalleled opportunities to create new and positive relationships with others in like circumstances. A willingness to listen to others, to share one's own experiences, and learn about the disease of chemical dependency is the primary requirement for the program to be successful.

Financial Expectations

The family services are included in the cost of the treatment program.

The Family Week Program at the Lincoln Park Professionals Program has a modest charge for participants.

Call 877-RES-INFO for Nurse Advice, Doctor Referrals or Class Registration Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm • Weekends 8 am to 4pm

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