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We at Presence Health understand the importance of spiritual care in the healing process.

Times of illness are never easy, and the support of family, friends, faith communities and religious practices become all the more important at these times. A chaplain can provide a listening ear and support in identifying what most brings you comfort and strength in coping with your illness.

Clinically trained professional chaplains in our facilities are available 24 hours a day to provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, residents, families and staff, regardless of their faith tradition or whether they think of themselves as religious.

As a Catholic health care system, we provide for the sacramental needs of our Catholic patients, including Holy Communion, Anointing and Reconciliation. There are regularly scheduled Masses in each of our chapels. A priest chaplain or priest from the community can be called and will respond at any hour.

What specific services can the chaplain provide?

  • A listening ear and prayer
  • Contacting your clergy person or faith leader
  • Support in seeking meaning and hope
  • Support in making a difficult decision
  • Assistance with an Advance Directive
  • Bibles and other Holy Scriptures
  • Devotional resources
  • Support at the end of life

Health and healing involve the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Please feel free to call on a chaplain. We are part of your health care team!

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