Presence Life Connections

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who qualifies for hospice?

People whose illnesses are not curable and life expectancy is limited are eligible. They may no longer want or are unable to receive curative treatment. Hospice emphasizes comfort measures and the preservation of personal dignity. Hospice is available to people with cancer, heart disease, lung disease, or any other life limiting condition.

Patients need to live in our service area, and have approval of a doctor who will manage their medical care. It is necessary to have a primary caregiver (family member or friend) who is willing to manage and provide the care with the help of the hospice team.

How does hospice care begin?

Anyone can make a referral for hospice care – a physician, friend, family member, or neighbor. We are available 24/7. Once a referral is made, one of our staff members will schedule a visit with the patient and/or their loved ones, to assess the best type of care options available. Usually, care can begin within a day or two of a referral.

Who is part of the team?

The team usually consists of the patient’s personal physician, hospice physician, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, volunteers, dieticians, chaplains and speech, physical and occupational therapists, if needed.

Recognizing that the whole family is affected when a loved one is facing a life limiting illness, we support family and loved ones in their roles as caregivers. Hospice staff teach, guide and demonstrate effective caregiving while providing support through counseling, home visits and telephone contacts even when family members live at a distance.