TeleICU Program

What is the TeleICU program?

The TeleICU program is an advanced telemedicine solution from the leading provider of remote care to patients in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Using computers and private, high-speed data lines, a trained critical care physician or intensivist can accurately monitor ICU patients from a remote location. This intensivist is supported by one or more critical care registered nurses and health care assistants. They work collaboratively with your own physician, bedside nurses, and caregivers, improving patient care and outcomes.

The TeleICU program does not replace staff at the bedside. It is an additional layer of support for the ICU patient.

How does the TeleICU team deliver medical care?

The TeleICU program also offers support to your physicians and nurses. It uses state of the art technology that continuously analyzes trends in patient data, such as vital signs, laboratory and radiological information. Decision making software alerts the TeleICU team to changes in the patient’s condition and prompts earlier interventions.

The TeleICU team reviews data and collaborates with your bedside caregivers to provide immediate care needs.

The TeleICU physicians may talk with your physician about your care needs. Your TeleICU physician may modify treatment according to your physician’s plan when they are not present in the hospital.

The TeleHealth team supports your care needs.

Demonstrating the Presence Health core values of honesty, oneness, people and excellence, the TeleICU team works with many caregivers in the ICU. Special cameras and audio equipment are used by the TeleICU team, allowing them to communicate directly with the ICU nurses, physicians, patients and/or their family members at any time. They also have access to the latest medical information for diagnosing and treating patients.

The collaboration between the ICU’s multi-disciplinary team and the team in the TeleICUoperations center ensures that patients receive the best possible care.

How are cameras used in the TeleICU?

Just as the hospital physicians and nurses need to “make rounds” to check on their patients, the TeleICU physicians and nurses use video to check on their patients. The video cameras view patients only when necessary to see how they are doing. When the camera is off, it faces inward toward the wall. When turned on, the camera faces the patient and a green light comes on.

Additional benefits:

  • Improved patient safety.
  • Added level of expert care for you and your loved ones.
  • The privacy of your health information is of utmost importance and is protected at Presence Health. Patient health information is limited to only your direct care providers.
  • Health information is secured in transmission to the off-site TeleICU operations center.
  • All audio and video communication is "live" and is not recorded.
  • This additional care is provided to all Presence Health ICU patients at no additional charge.



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