Presence St. Mary's Hospital


Steve Arseneau has worn many hats during his 33 years at PSMH. Hired as a plumber and part of the “construction crew” in 1983, he has seen many changes over the years. One of the most memorable things of his career at St. Mary’s was working alongside the sisters. “I went to Catholic school in Beaverville and one of the head nuns here was my principal when I was young. I always joked with her that she seemed much taller as my principal than she did when I worked with her.” He also fondly remembers Sr. Ursula who taught his father, Randall in school. “She gave him the nickname Rip after Rip Van Winkle because he slept so much in school…Steve Arseneau that name stuck with him his whole life.”

When asked about his career here, it’s pretty simple. “It’s been about all the people I know that I’ve seen come through here that we’ve helped. Whether we’ve helped them get better or deal with their grief, we’ve all played our part.”

This is Steve. Steve is Presence St. Mary’s Hospital. #IamPSMH

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