Presence St. Mary's Hospital

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of movement dysfunctions. We will teach you strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises to help you move correctly and avoid further injury.


Our Physical Therapy Services:


Focuses on disorders and injuries of the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.

Neurological Conditions

We offer rehabilitation for patients with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, closed head injuries, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Our Physical Therapists work with you to learn how to improve your daily functions.


We also offer physical therapy for infants, children and adolescents and focus on the early detection of congenital, developmental and neuromuscular, skeletal or acquired diseases and disorders. Through therapeutic play we can help improve fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, endurance, cognitive and sensory processes.

Sports Injuries

Our physical therapists work closely with orthopedists, athletic trainers, fitness instructors and coaches to coordinate a care plan of treatment and education for patients with sports related injuries.

Workplace and Occupational Injuries

We will evaluate your work environment and job function and then develop a customized treatment plan to help you learn how to move and function correctly at work to avoid injury.

Back & Neck Injuries

Physical therapy concentrates on remedies to correct alignment and movement problems that cause stress on the spine.

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