Presence St. Mary's Hospital

Every birth is a special delivery.

At Presence St. Mary's Hospital, our expectant mothers are treated to a warm and caring experience by the Family Birthing Center staff. Each birth is considered a one-of-a-kind special delivery. It’s no wonder generations of families are born here.

We understand your feelings as an expectant mom, so we've designed our Family Birthing Center to help increase your confidence. We offer a full service obstetric center with a personal, caring touch. For the infant or mother who requires advanced care, Presence St. Mary’s is equipped with state-of-the-art monitors and a team of highly trained staff.

We are focused on giving you and your baby the best start possible.

The Family Birthing Center at Presence St. Mary’s: Why Choose Us

We are pleased to offer a myriad of special services to exceed your expectations, including:

  • Comfortable birthing suites for your entire stay: Featuring rooming-in, allowing you to bond with your baby during your stay.
  • Classes to get ready: Prenatal and sibling classes to get you ready for the big day.
  • Pain management: All options for pain control are supported including hydrotherapy
  •  Hydrotherapy: Relax in the Aqua-Eez® Deluxe Hydrotherapy Pool, just one of your available methods of pain relief and management during labor. The soothing properties of warm water immersion allow a laboring mom to relax comfortably. In addition to pain relief, the water helps to ease anxiety.
  • HUGSTM and KISSESTM security systems: Complement the layers of security in place in our locked birthing unit and keep babies safe.
  • Hearing screening: Free newborn hearing screening to identify hearing impairments as early as possible.
  • Patient education: Mothers receive individualized education at their bedside with our competent and compassionate team of nurses who offer instruction in breastfeeding or formula feeding, cord care, diapering and bathing techniques.  Assist with planning your unique birthing experience
  • Personal birthing consultant: Pregnancy is an exciting and often uncertain time. Our goal is to help you feel completely prepared for your child's birth. We have a special resource to help answer all your questions - your very own personal birthing consultant who can:
    • Answer your questions in a private, comfortable setting
    • Provide a tour of our comfortable birthing unit
    • Introduce you to our experienced and compassionate nursing staff
    • Offer available class information
  • Breastfeeding services: Here's how we support you if you choose to breastfeed your baby:
    • Free prenatal breastfeeding classes
    • Support from certified lactation specialists
    • Breastfeeding consultations when needed
    • Follow-up by phone after you are discharged
  • Baby photos: Free DVD photos of your birthing experience as well as an online nursery to share photos of your new baby with friends and family.

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You have a choice when deciding where you have your baby! Talk to your physician about delivering at Presence St. Mary’s Hospital.


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