Presence St. Mary's Hospital

Nuclear Medicine

As a hospital nationally recognized for patient safety, Presence St. Mary's knows how very important it is to deliver the very best possible care to every patient, every time. That's why we added the InfiniaTMall-purpose nuclear gamma camera system to the advanced technology of our Nuclear Medicine department.

Nuclear Gama Camera


  • Ideal for disease and treatment monitoring and pre-surgery planning
  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Dual detector system with single-head flexibility
  • Eight scanning positions, including standing, seated, wheelchair, and stretcher
  • Settings to scan very large or very tall patients


  • Uncompromised imaging resolution
  • Real-time body contouring
  • Faster scans
  • Greater patient comfort
  • XelerisTM workstation:
  • Simultaneous communication with the physician in the reading room and with the technologist
  • Direct connection to PACS (Picturing Archiving and Communications System)

For more information, please call 815.937.3511.

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