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In honor of National Men’s Health Week, we wanted to focus on a very familiar face at PSMH that has focused on men’s health in our community for over three decades. Dr. Bipin Bhayani, a board certified Urologist, was originally born in India moving to upstate New York where he completed his medical training. In addition to his medical degrees, he also received a MBA from Olivet Nazarene University for “personal enhancement.”

In addition to his extensive education, he also shares ambition with his two sons, one being an internationally renowned Urologist and Chief Medical Officer at Washington University and the other is Chief Investment Officer for a French bank in Singapore.

Dr. Bhayani

Even though his profession could take him all over the world as it has done with his children, when asked why he chose St. Mary’s and has called it home for so many years, he gave St. Mary’s the credit. “They brought me to this town when I was looking for work and they graciously decided to keep me for all these years.”
For over 30 years, Dr. Bhayani, along with Dr. Kent Frye, have sponsored free prostate screening clinics every fall. During that time they have seen several thousand men, diagnosing a significant number of them with early stages of prostate cancer. The early detection made possible through this free screening has made a great impact on our community, saving many lives. “In medical school they teach you what to do to treat the patient, but not necessarily how to care for your patient,” he explains. “Even though we may get immune to it over the years, you have to maintain a personal touch with your patients. Those relationships that you build with them are extremely important.”

Dr. Bhayani has been known for his memory and one of the things that he will never forget is the people who work at PSMH. “They are all part of my family.”

This is Dr. Bhayani. Dr. Bhayani is PSMH.#IAmPSMH

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