Presence St. Mary's Hospital

Claire Harrawood has been a CNA at PSMH for about 17 years. She worked at the Veteran’s Home in Manteno for 21 years before retiring in 2010. In addition to her job at PSMH, she also takes care of one of her neighbors. “I love working with people and I love taking care of people – that just sums it up.”
Originally born in Antwerp, Belgium, her mother was a war bride and her father was an Americansoldier in the US Army. Claire has three children, 6 grandchildren and 8 (almost 9) great grandchildren.
Claire emphasizes the importance of talking to her patients. She recalls taking care of a patient when he was in a coma. She would always talk to him because she believed he could hear her. Then one day "he started yelling my name. He woke up from his coma & knew I had been there and he had been hearing me talk to him". That was a fond memory for Claire.
“My patients are all a living history lesson and over the years I think I have acquired the talent of listening to them. I try really hard to make them comfortable during an uncomfortable situation – no matter what illness they have. It makes me feel really special when you come in for your shift and you hear, ‘Hey Clairebear – come in here’ and see a patient waving you in. They are all special to me.”

This is Claire. Claire is Presence St. Mary’s Hospital. #IamPSMH

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