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Ready for your annual mammogram? We’re here for you.

Presence St. Mary’s Hospital provides you with the latest screening and diagnostic capabilities along with advanced treatments at two locations: the hospital in Kankakee and the Breast Health Center in Bourbonnais.

Prevention and early detection are the keys to overall breast health. Beginning at age 40, a woman in good health should begin having annual screening mammograms. In the case of a breast abnormality, we have the latest technology to help improve the accuracy of the diagnosis and provide direction for treatment.

Few experiences in life are more stressful than waiting for test results, a crucial appointment, or the next phase of care.  We offer the most advanced detection and diagnostic technology, progressive treatments and direct one-on-one support for patients and their families to significantly reduce and ease those stressful times.


Breast Care Services at Presence St. Mary’s

  • Digital mammography: Routine mammograms are one of the best ways to detect potential problems. We use digital mammography for quick and reliable screening when no evidence of a lump or other symptom is present. Same-day appointments are available.
  • 3D/4D ultrasound: Typically, a high-frequency ultrasound follows a digital mammogram in order to access more precise images of a suspicious area.  Our 3D/4D ultrasound systems yield superior high-resolution images, consistent picture quality and exceptional contrast resolution.
  • Breast MRI: The advanced technology of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) produces high resolution and extremely accurate images for diagnostic and biopsy purposes.
  • Stereotactic biopsy: As a minimally invasive technique, stereotactic biopsy uses computer generated images to locate breast abnormalities and remove a small sample of breast tissue for analysis.
  • Surgical services: Our specially trained breast surgeons use the most advanced therapeutic and reconstructive techniques to maximize quality of life and body image.
  • Management and treatment of lymphedema: The physical therapy department at Presence St. Mary's Hospital offers a highly specialized approach to the management and treatment of lymphedema.  

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Call 815.937.3475 to schedule your mammogram at one of our two convenient locations:

Presence St. Mary’s Hospital 500 West Court Street, Kankakee

Presence St. Mary’s Breast Health Center Route 45, Bourbonnais

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