Presence St. Mary's Hospital


Bob Covert joked that he first fell in love with cleaning toilets after his four year tour in the Navy where he used to have to clean them with a toothbrush. While he doesn’t use a toothbrush today, Bob and his “Bob Mobile” have been on staff helping keep the hospital clean for over 42 years. He greets everyone he meets with a friendly smile and a “Hi, there.”

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Bob settled in the Kankakee area in 1970 where he attended Olivet Nazarene University, majoring in Biblical Literature and minoring in Music. “I remember the first time I came to Kankakee was the first time I ever ate biscuits and gravy from Carlo's Restaurant". One thing Bob still really enjoys about Kankakee today is some hearty B&G from Carlo's. One of his most memorable experiences he has had in his 42 years is the celebration of the Centennial in the 90s when the Sisters were escorted onto the grounds in a horse & buggy and the unveiling of all of the painted murals throughout the hospital that tell the story of PSMH.

Bob Covert

When asked about retirement, Bob’s feelings were clear. “When you can’t give 120% anymore, you know it’s time to hand off the torch to someone who can.” Until that day comes, he will continue to be a familiar face at PSMH who helps brighten your day… the man behind the "Bob Mobile".

This is Bob. Bob is Presence St. Mary’s Hospital.

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