Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Spiritual Care supports the healing ministry of Christ through the holistic care of patients, family, and staff.  We honor the sacredness and dignity of life, embracing the diversity of the human spirit. While Presence Health is Catholic in foundation, the chaplaincy staff consists of ordained Protestant clergy as well as Catholic Priests, Deacons, and members of our sponsoring Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Our role is to meet spiritual needs as they are presented in an ecumenical, compassionate atmosphere of love and charity.

The Spiritual Care Department also cooperates with local parishes, churches, and religious centers in order to keep those we serve connected with the pastoral care providers they are familiar with. Additionally, chaplains are able to provide support in times of needed Crisis Care, Bereavement Support, and Sacramental and Liturgical services.

The Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center Spiritual Care Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department office is located across from the Sacred Heart Chapel down the south hallway from the Madison Street entrance.

There are several ways to contact a chaplain if necessary. You may contact the Manager of Spiritual Care at 815.773.7006 (in-house, extension 7006) for information regarding spiritual care, ethics, and advance directives. The department office phone is for messages only at extension 3474. The chaplain-on-duty is also available by pager and portable phone. Contact the hospital Operator to connect you for immediate assistance.

Our greatest hope is for the health and well-being of all people; thus we are content when spiritual care is not needed. When the stark reality of life’s uncertainty becomes evident, the chaplains at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center are available to be a healing ministry of presence for all who enter within Presence Health.

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