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A suite choice.

Whether you are thinking about starting a family or have a baby on the way, there are many choices.  Perhaps the most important choice is where to have your baby.  The Family Birthing Suites at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center feature luxurious, private suites as well as the area's most advanced Level II Special Care Nursery with neonatologists on hand 24/7. Nurses provide extensive support and individualized birthing plans for each of our patients.

The Family Birthing Suites at Presence Saint Joseph: Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to balance skilled clinical care with the comforts of home. All of the medical equipment needed during delivery is concealed yet accessible. The suites also feature birthing beds designed with your comfort in mind.

Highlights of our service include:

  • Family-centered care: We understand the importance of sharing the birth of your child with the ones you love and encourage your support person to participate with you in educational classes and the miracle of birth. We also offer 24-hour visiting privileges for your support person and extended visiting hours for grandparents and siblings of the new baby. To make visits convenient for support persons and family members, we have complimentary valet parking from the Family Birthing Suites/Emergency Department entrance.
  • Rooming in: In order to enhance bonding and the overall baby-care experience, babies will stay in the room with you around the clock.
  • Cesarean suites: Should you require a cesarean birth, our special cesarean delivery suites and dedicated recovery room are located right within the Family Birthing Suites unit.
  • Innovative pain relief methods: We offer a variety of traditional pain relief methods including breathing techniques, medications and nerve block methods (epidural) provided by an anesthesiologist who is available in-house 24/7. We also offer alternative pain relief methods including the use of birthing balls and aromatherapy,
  • Safety and security: In addition to secure entrances to the Family Birthing Suites and a monitored visiting policy, our state-of-the-art infant security system ensures a safe environment for all newborns. The staff utilizes the specialty training of LifeWings, a premier safety program.
  • Breastfeeding assistance: Our certified lactation specialists provide education and support to new moms who choose to breastfeed. You can even call them after you’ve left the hospital. And our breastfeeding support group is another great resource for moms.
  • Bella Baby Photography: Complimentary photography offered to all patients
  • Comforting amenities:
    • "At Your Request" room service, which allows you to order your meals from a restaurant-style menu
    • Armoire with television and VCR/DVD
    • Recliner sleeper chair for your support person
    • Personal Refrigerator
  • Advanced care
    • Level II Special Care Nursery with Extended Capabilities: Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center is designated by the State of Illinois as a Level II Special Care Nursery with extended capabilities for neonatal and perinatal services.  This means we have the clinical expertise and equipment to care for moms with high-risk pregnancies, premature infants as young as 30 weeks gestation and infants with certain illnesses. A neonatologist (physician trained in caring for sick or premature newborns), special care nursery RN, and a member of our respiratory care team will attend all high risk deliveries.
    • Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program: With a perinatologist treating high-risk moms-to-be, the maternal-fetal medicine program provides the highest standard of care for our patients. A perinatologist is an obstetrician specializing in maternal-fetal medicine and high-risk obstetrics whose services include pre-pregnancy consultation on issues such as age, medical concerns, family genetic complications and genetic screening and testing, including advanced 3D and 4D obstetric imaging services.

Get ready.

During pregnancy, we offer a number of classes and services designed to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy, prepare for labor and delivery and develop confidence in caring for a newborn. We offer:

  • Classes to help you prepare such as baby care, childbirth preparation, baby safety, and a special sibling class.
  • Prenatal massage, which can help alleviate common areas of pain, reduce swelling in the feet and ankles and decrease fatigue.
  • Personal birthing consultants are available to answer questions and discuss your specific birth needs by calling 815.725.7133 ext-3509.
  • One-to-one baby care education while you’re in the hospital, as well as educational programs on our patient education TV channel.

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We invite you to tour the Family Birthing Suites and see for yourself how we provide expert, compassionate care with the comforts of home.  To schedule a tour, find a doctor who’s right for you or register for a class, please call 877.737.4636 (INFO).



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