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To request an appointment with one of our skilled heart and vascular specialists, call 877.737.4636 (INFO) or fill out our quick form.

At Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, our nationally recognized team of heart and vascular care specialists has pioneered many procedures in the area, including the first open-heart surgery and the first LARIAT® procedure to treat atrial fibrillation (the most common form of irregular heart rhythm).

Providing compassionate care keeps you and your family healthy is at the center of everything we do. And we offer access to the newest therapies through our robust clinical research program.

Why Choose Us?

Our comprehensive heart and vascular care features the advanced treatments and exceptional emergency heart care of a university medical center, but we retain the personal touch that’s so critical to holistic healing. Our program offers:

  • Nationally-renowned heart program: We’ve been ranked among Chicago’s best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. We’re also the first hospital in Will County to earn the Gold Seal of Approval™ from the Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers for our expertise in providing emergency stroke care.
  • Robust clinical trials: Many of our specialists are involved in leading heart and vascular research programs, giving you access to the latest clinical studies and promising, new medications. Learn more about our cardiovascular clinical trials at Presence Health.
  • Experienced heart surgery leaders: We were the first hospital in the area to perform open heart surgery, and we’ve now performed more than 7,500 of these procedures. That’s far more than any other local hospital.
  • One of the largest heart surgery programs in Illinois.
  • “Best in class” chronic total occlusion (CTO) program: We’re one of just six hospitals in Illinois treating chronic total occlusions with the CrossBoss™ catheter & Stingray system. CTOs are notoriously difficult to treat, but this new technology allows our specialists to treat them safely and quickly.
  • Advanced facilities and equipment: We’re the only medical center in the area using sophisticated carto-navigation mapping technology in our three digital catheterization labs. This 3D imaging system provides highly detailed views of the heart’s electrical activity and ensures precise real-time tracking of catheter location.
  • Robust electrophysiology (EP) program: We’re leaders in new therapies for irregular heart rhythms, performing the area’s first minimally invasive LARIAT procedure to treat a-fib. This procedure eliminates the need for blood-thinning medications and pacemakers.
  • Nationally accredited Chest Pain Center: We’re one of just 6 percent of hospitals nationwide with an accredited Chest Pain Center. This designation acknowledges our expertise, our commitment to quality patient care and our team of emergency specialists trained in the rapid response and treatment of heart attacks.
  • Comprehensive Heart Failure Clinic: Our cardiologists manage heart failure through a comprehensive program designed to improve your quality of life and prevent unnecessary emergency room visits. Learn more about our heart failure services.
  • Team-driven care: Our nationally recognized heart and vascular specialists work closely with a rigorously trained team of subspecialists, rehabilitation specialists, cardiovascular-trained nurses, technicians and social workers. All of our surgeons are double board-certified, and many of our physicians have additional fellowship training in their specialties.

Comprehensive Heart Screening and Diagnostic Services

Our screenings and diagnostic tests will provide you with fast, accurate answers.

These preventive screenings require no physician orders. To register, call 877.737.4636 (INFO).

  • $49.00 Heart Scan   This noninvasive screening CT scan finds and measures plaque buildup in the heart arteries.
  • $99.00 Vascular Screening –  A screening ultrasound to check for carotid artery blockages, abdominal aortic aneurysms and poor blood flow in the legs.

These diagnostic screenings require orders from your doctor:

  • Echocardiogram: A test that uses sound waves to evaluate heart valve and muscle problems that limit the heart’s pumping ability.
  • Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) Test: A device inserted into the esophagus provides clear pictures of the heart, especially the back side.
  • Stress Echocardiogram: Combines treadmill exercise with an echocardiogram to evaluate how well your heart is working, especially during exertion.
  • Pharmacological Stress Test: Uses medicine instead of treadmill exercise to assess heart function under physical stress.
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG): A recording of the heart’s electrical activity that provides information about its rhythm and function.
  • Holter Monitor: A device that measures your heart rate and rhythm for 24 to 48 hours, providing more information about your heart’s function than a routine EKG.
  • Trans-telephonic Monitor: A device that patients keep nearby at all times and attach when an abnormal heartbeat or other symptoms occur. The monitor records data that can be transmitted by the touch of a button or by telephone to a physician’s office for analysis.
  • Cardiac Catheterization: Also known as an angiogram, this test uses special X-rays and a catheter inserted into an artery to find narrowed, blocked, enlarged or malformed arteries in the heart.
  • Cardiac MRI: A study of the heart with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) angiography.
  • 3D Electrophysiology Mapping Studies: 3D pictures of the heart allow a doctor to capture detailed maps of the heart’s electrical system, allowing precise targeting of therapy to cure abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Nuclear Imaging: A camera traces a small amount of radioactive matter injected through a vein in your arm to check blood flow through the walls of your heart.

Full Range of Heart and Vascular Treatments

Our complete heart and vascular team treats the full range of cardiovascular conditions, from prevention through cardiac rehab. Our specialists bring a superior level of experience and expertise to a number of technologically advanced treatments:

  • Balloon Angioplasty and Stent
  • Heart Surgery
  • Arrhythmia Care
  • Vascular Care
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Mended Hearts support group: Mended Hearts is a national volunteer organization whose primary purpose is offering encouragement to those who are contemplating open-heart surgery or have undergone a procedure. For more information, call Cardiac Rehabilitation at 815.725.7133, ext. 3090, and press option 4 on the menu.

Learn more about all of our heart and vascular care at Presence Health hospitals.

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