Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Elgin

Spiritual Care provided by our Spiritual Care Professionals

The Spiritual Care Department provides spiritual and emotional care and support to patients and their families.  We care deeply about your spiritual, emotional and social well-being.

A chaplain is available 24 hours a day to assist any patient or visitor of any denomination.  Support is always available for patients and families in crisis situations.

The Spiritual Care office may be reached by calling 847.695.3200, ext. 5767.  After hours, or on weekends and holidays, dial the switchboard (0) and ask the operator to page the chaplain on call.

If, at the time of admission, you registered your religious affiliation and church name, this information will be available for your priest, minister, or rabbi when he/she comes to visit.

Chaplains routinely visit all patients, but feel free to ask your nurse to contact the on-call chaplain at any time.  Prayers and Sacraments (Eucharist, Reconciliation and Sacrament of the Sick) are offered.

Mass is celebrated in the hospital Chapel, with Mass times announced daily on the hospital's public address system.  The Chapel is located on the hospital's main floor.

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