Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Elgin

Highlights of the Presence Saint Joseph Hospital New Bed Tower

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital New Bed Tower Exterior

Private Patient Rooms
The new Tower has 99 private patient rooms. The spacious rooms are all monitored for the highest level of patient care and security. Each room has a large flat screen television as well as spacious closets and hotel-like décor. Our guests enjoy room service and fine dining from our new Airlite Café or relax, read or take advantage of our free wireless service in our new Main Lobby.

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute 
Presence Saint Joseph Hospital cardiovascular services provides the most advanced, comprehensive cardiac care in the area, from prevention and education to diagnosis and treatment, including advanced cardiac surgery, to rehabilitation and aftercare. The fact is we treat patients whose severe heart conditions often require the kind of leading-edge technology that they won't find anywhere else in the area.

Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Lab
The Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory allows for "all-in-one-room care," including simultaneous catheterization and surgical procedures. Sophisticated diagnostic tests and a full range of invasive therapeutic procedures -- from implantation of stents, pacemakers and internal defibrillators -- and even cardiac surgery, if needed, to be performed in the same laboratory. Unlike the typical set-up at most hospitals where the patient would have to be moved from one area of the hospital to another if additional procedures were needed, the catheter patient at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital stays in one place, where all the technology that might be needed is on hand and interventional cardiologists, vascular interventionalists and surgeons are readily available.

Cardio Diagnostics 
Presence Saint Joseph uses the latest equipment and technology to offer effective cardiac diagnostic services including, basic Electrocardiogram (EKG) regular stress tests, echo stress tests and nuclear stress tests, echocardiogram, transesophageal echo test and holter monitoring. Our state of the art technology includes the revolutionary Epiphany System for EKG viewing and reporting and the latest CPACS (Cardio Picture Archiving Communication System) for physician viewing and reporting of echocardiograms, cardiac cath lab images, and other heart studies.

Pulmonary Function
Our Pulmonary Function area measures lung volumes, capacities and function. The Body Box (Plethsymograph) is the most accurate method and ours is the only wheelchair accessible box in the region. Exercise PFT can assess for cardiopulmonary fitness and lung function during exercise as well as Resting energy expenditures for nutritional assessment.

Surgical Platform 
The new state-of-the-art Surgical Suites feature the most advanced technology to perform Orthopedic procedures such as Total Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Procedures. Open Heart Procedures including Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Valve Replacement will be performed in the newly designed Cardiovascular Surgical Suite. Also, newly-constructed, 15-bed Phase II Recovery Unit. Expanded Ambulatory Surgical Unit Waiting Room, 15 bed Surgical Holding Unit, and 9 bed Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

Electrophysiology Clinic 
To assist patients in the ongoing management of arrhythmias, the Electrophysiology Clinic services include pacemaker checks, ICD checks, Arrhythmia and device consultations.

Electrophysiology Lab
Electrophysiology physicians provide state-of-the-art therapies for treating and correcting heart rhythm disorders using the latest in EP technology, including computer-assisted 3-D mapping which allows for pinpoint accuracy ablation in treating heart rhythm disturbances. The latest in pacemaker and defibrillator implantation, including biventricular pacing devices, is also provided.

Dialysis/Isolation Room
Each nursing unit has two large rooms on the outside corners that can serve as negative pressure isolation rooms for patients with respiratory infections, for bariatric patients or prepared for dialysis patients with all the necessary equipment in the walls, which help to eliminate long hoses and cords. There are 2 additional patient rooms on each unit with this special dialysis capability

Nursing Station
Each patient floor of the Tower has a centrally located nursing station with a state of the art call light system to effectively respond to patients' needs. The Nursing stations have two decentralized work areas, one on each side of the nursing station. This design assists staff with their workflow allowing them to remain on the unit with patients and families. The nursing stations have computer work stations for physicians and a Unit Clerk to meet customers' needs and process physician orders.

Family Room
Because we value the experience of family members, our Family Room is a comfortable respite area for loved ones to experience a change of scenery and some relaxation. Guests may watch television, read provided newspapers and magazines or catch up on online information using our wireless capabilities.

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