Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago

Prescription Bedside Delivery from Walgreens

Walgreens and Presence Saint Joseph Hospital are working together to make your exit from the hospital more convenient. Walgreens is offering bedside delivery of medications as a new complimentary service, something we like to call “Meds to Beds.” This delivery service allows you to get your medications delivered to your room at no extra charge.

When you’re admitted to your room, tell your nurse you would like to fill your prescription with Walgreens and your care team will handle the rest.


FAQs: Walgreens Bedside Delivery

Q: What if I am not a current Walgreens customer?

A: You don’t need to be. If this is your first time filling this medication Walgreens can fill it immediately. If you are getting a refilled prescription Walgreens will handle the prescription transfer process with your other pharmacy. There is no charge for transferring and it only takes a few minutes.


Q: I already have a Walgreens Pharmacy in my neighborhood. Will I be able to get my prescription refills at my neighborhood Walgreens if I have my prescriptions delivered to my room?

A: All of Walgreens systems are connected. If you want to get your refills at your neighborhood Walgreens they can easily be transferred. You can call your neighborhood Walgreens or you can refill online and choose your preferred pharmacy.


Q: How do I make sure I am not getting billed for this service?

A: This service will not be charged to you. Walgreens is working in partnership with the hospital, and this program will not be on any bills you received from your insurance company or from the hospital.


Q: Do you need my insurance information?

A: If you are not a Walgreens customer, the pharmacist or pharmacy tech will need to obtain prescription insurance information that we will need for our files.


Q: What are some of the advantages of having my prescriptions delivered to the bedside?

A: The service is offered at no cost to you or your insurance. The service will:

  • Help you avoid an extra stop to pick up prescriptions on your way home
  • Streamline any insurance related delays that require prior authorizations, drugs not covered, and refill too soon
  • Provide you the comfort of knowing your pharmacist works directly with the care team at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital to discuss any prescription related issues
  • Offer patient choice – you can refill at any pharmacy if you decide not to stay with Walgreens


Q. How do I pay for the medications?

A. You can pay for the medication with credit card, check, or cash. You can also use insurance prescription benefits where applicable. If you have questions about prescription drug coverage or charges you can call the pharmacy at 77.799.9839


Walgreens Pharmacy providing this service:
Presence Center for Advanced Care (PCAC) Building
1st Floor Lobby
2845 North Sheridan Road, Chicago Illinois 60657
Hours: Monday-Friday (9a.m.-6p.m.)
Phone: 773.799.9839
Fax: 773.799.9841
Manager: Steve Santucci

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