Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago

The Nation's First Dedicated Inpatient Unit for Headache Treatment

The Diamond Headache Unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital is nationally known for its expertise in treating chronic disabling migraine, cluster and tension headaches that often aren’t resolved with traditional outpatient treatment. The welcoming and soothing facility attracts patients from across the United States and the world. For more information, contact 773.388.6390 or 800.HEADACHE or visit


About the Diamond Headache Unit

The Diamond Headache Clinic, the first comprehensive private headache clinic in the world, founded its inpatient unit in 1981. The Diamond Headache physicians at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital — are nationally and internationally recognized for their specialized expertise in the care and treatment of severe and chronic headache disorders. What sets the Diamond Headache Unit apart is its comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to headache diagnosis, treatment and management. Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians, nurses, a psychologist, pharmacists, dietitians, physical therapists, recreational therapists and counselors. The team provides therapies that include medication, dietary modification, biofeedback training, lifestyle modification and psychological counseling.

Diamond Headache Unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital

State-of-the-Art Facility

The Diamond Headache Clinic was the first headache center in the country to offer a complete and dedicated inpatient option. Patients experience the benefits of early intervention while interacting one-on-one with our team of headache specialists. In addition to accommodations for adult patients, the unit offers a secure pediatric division for young patients and their families.

The 42-bed unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago was designed to treat those with chronic headache disorders in a soothing, quiet and welcoming environment. The unit features quiet relaxation and therapy spaces, a biofeedback suite and incredible, unobstructed views of Lake Michigan.

Many Approaches Make the Difference

Every aspect of the Diamond Headache Unit is designed to encourage healthy behavior. Patients are taught to cope with pain in healthy, constructive ways, and relapse into pain behaviors, such as withdrawal or lack of routine, are discouraged.

Individualized Drug Therapy
Recommendations are made based on diagnosis and previous response to therapy. Patients who benefit from multiple drugs are closely monitored by the unit’s full-time pharmacist.

Psychological Intervention
Patients participate in group sessions. If indicated in the treatment plan, individual psychological and psychiatric counseling may be offered.

Biofeedback Training
This non-drug therapy augments other therapies and is extremely helpful to many patients.

Physical and Activity Therapy
Clinic physicians may prescribe physical therapy and such activities as stress management, relaxation training and art therapy. Patient education, discussion groups and meetings with the staff help patients understand the causes of headaches and the principles of successful treatment. Pet Therapy is also available.

Alternative Therapies
Massage therapy and acupuncture complement the treatment program, helping patients relieve stress and tension.

Medically supervised withdrawal from analgesic medications is often necessary to lessen or eliminate drug dependency. Patients receive complete support while stopping these drugs.

Family Involvement
Family members are encouraged to be involved in the program. Family engagement and support often relieves anger and frustration caused by the patient’s behaviors, and it may identify behaviors by family members that contribute to the patient’s stress.

Treatment and beyond
At our inpatient unit, patients find the treatment they need to gain control over their headache condition, manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. We welcome inquiries from patients and physicians about admittance to the Diamond Headache Unit. Call for more information 773.388.6390 or 800.HEADACHE.

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