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If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, our addiction specialists are here to help you—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Harborview Recovery Center, we provide comprehensive treatment for substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital

Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood on the Presence Saint Joseph Hospital campus, Harborview offers treatment for adults who are addicted to alcohol or prescription or illicit drugs. Our experienced professionals guide you through every stage of your recovery with a full range of inpatient and outpatient services.

Harborview Recovery Center: Compassionate Care for Addiction Recovery

What sets Harborview apart from other programs is our belief that addiction is a disease that affects the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Through our holistic approach, we offer activities that support recovery and keep our patients fully engaged in their treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, for the best possible outcomes.

People choose Harborview for many reasons:

  • Experts in addiction medicine: Our staff has years of training and experience in helping people deal with substance abuse. Our medical director, an internist board certified in addiction medicine, leads our team of drug and alcohol treatment specialists, including:
    • A program coordinator, therapists and counselors who are licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADC)
    • Registered nurses who provide medical care as needed
  • Personalized care: Our recovery center is a small, intimate treatment facility with staff who work with you in small groups on your individual needs. We offer a safe, supportive environment to help you heal and begin a healthy way of life.
  • On-site access to medical care: We provide medical care on the unit for patients who have health conditions such as minor wounds, dehydration or even cancer, diabetes, HIV or liver disease. Because Harborview is inside Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, our patients have direct access to comprehensive care for any medical condition.
  • Network of support: For Chicago-area patients, Harborview offers an opportunity to develop long-term connections with others in the area for ongoing support. It’s easy for nearby family members and other loved ones to join our family meetings and get involved in your treatment and after-care plans, which is important for your recovery.

Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Presence Saint Joseph

Our team of addiction medicine professionals works together to develop your personalized plan of care. At all levels of care, you’ll participate in evidence-based interventions that promote sobriety. Whether you need inpatient or outpatient care, you'll find a complete program of treatment options and activities to support your recovery and rehab from drug or alcohol addiction:

Inpatient Addiction and Rehab Services

Our inpatient program is medically based, with medical doctors who oversee each patient. You’ll begin with an intake appointment, in which we perform a physical exam to evaluate your medical stability and a urine test to assess what substances are in your system. Our inpatient program includes:

  • Detoxification (medical stabilization): For this first, essential step, we provide expert medical supervision to safely and comfortably detox you from alcohol and/or drugs. Based on your individual needs, we provide the latest recovery treatments and medications, all under the supervision of physicians certified in addiction medicine.
  • Residential rehab: This short-term program provides 24-hour care before you move on to outpatient treatment. Our location inside the hospital offers you treatment for all your health needs in one place.

In both phases of our inpatient program:

  • Our physicians and nurses are on-site and on call at all times.
  • Psychiatrists and addiction counseling staff are available to help you during your recovery.
  • We can treat any co-existing medical and psychiatric conditions.
  • We provide a mobile, wireless device to continuously monitor your vital signs overnight for increased safety.

Services we provide for our inpatients include:

  • After-care referrals: At your discharge from inpatient care, we can refer you to supportive services based on your specific needs, including individual or group therapy, long-term residential treatment or a sober living residence.
  • Bridge group: A peer (recovering addict) who is living independently talks about how to transition from inpatient and outpatient care to living on your own.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy: We use evidence-based counseling to support patients in making the changes necessary for recovery.
  • Educational groups: Led by dietitians and nursing, medical and pharmacy students, these groups offer information on a variety of topics that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Family program: A therapist leads weekly meetings for patients and their family members to connect and share experiences.
  • Food choices: You can order your meals from our a la carte menu.
  • Humor, art and pet therapy, yoga and an on-site gym
  • Peer leader: A current patient on the unit serves as a guide and introduces new patients to the program.
  • Spirituality: We offer group sessions and access to services in Presence Saint Joseph.
  • Trauma and resilience therapy: One of our counselors has training from Brené Brown, a researcher in how emotions such as courage, shame, vulnerability and worthiness affect our ability to live a healthy life.
  • Twelve-step meetings: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) hold meetings in the unit for patients and anyone in the recovering community. While they are still in treatment, patients can meet people who are recovering.

Outpatient Addiction and Rehab Services

For our outpatient programs, you begin by calling us to make your intake appointment. During your intake visit, we perform a urine test to assess what substances are in your system. Our outpatient program includes:

  • Partial hospitalization: This short-term program meets from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, so that you receive the high level of structure and support you need.
  • Intensive outpatient program: Offered 3 times per week, this program combines group and individual therapy, education, 12-step meetings and family support in 3-hour sessions. You can choose either a day or evening program to fit your schedule.
  • Family program: We provide education and support for family members, because family involvement is key to your successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Continuing care program: This weekly, one-hour program provides an opportunity to touch base with others for ongoing support through your addiction recovery.
  • Alumni meeting: All of our former patients (inpatient or outpatient) can attend this weekly meeting for positive reinforcement and fellowship. We host an alumni dinner each quarter.

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We’re here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get started on the path to recovery. Call anytime, day or night, at 773.665.3371 to speak with one of our addiction specialists and make your intake appointment. You can also request an appointment online.


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