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This is providing comfort and support.

It is the mission of Presence Palliative Care to provide compassionate, holistic care with a spirit of healing and hope.

The Presence Palliative Care team provides a layer of support for patients and families living with serious illness. Our team recognizes that the journey after being diagnosed with a serious illness can result in many challenges for both patients and their loved ones, including difficult and complex medical decisions, pain and other symptoms, and making sure treatment options align with life goals.

The Presence Palliative Care multidisciplinary team is staffed by caring, specially trained clinicians, including palliative care physicians and advanced practice nurses who work with the patient’s physician and the hospital’s social workers, case managers, chaplains as well as other team members. Together, the team guides patients and families by:

  • Outlining individual and family treatment goals.
  • Developing care plans for the present and future.
  • Helping to determine treatments to ease pain and other symptoms.
  • Making sense of medical options and information.
  • Promoting communication between the patient, family, and medical team about the treatment goals and coordination of care.
  • When necessary, preparing advance directives to travel with patients beyond the hospital.

At the request of a patient’s attending physician, Presence Palliative Care consultations are available to most Presence Health hospital patients who are at any stage of illness, who are suffering from or need help with:

  • Advanced disease/organ failure/cancer diagnosis.
  • Difficult-to-manage symptoms, possibly as a result of treatment.
  • Complex medical decision-making.
  • Aligning treatment goals with life stage or diagnosis.
  • Frequent re-hospitalizations.

We understand that patients and families may want palliative care support to begin quickly. That’s why our palliative care teams are based in each ministry and are quickly available to meet with patients, family members and physicians to discuss a care plan. If you believe palliative care may be appropriate for you or a loved one, ask your doctor about it.

Palliative care is generally covered by insurance.

For more information about Presence Palliative Care, please call 844.809.2273 (CARE).


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