About the Resurrection Logo

The cross in the center of the Resurrection Health Care logo represents both our sacred and our public trust. The sacred trust is our call to continue God's healing mission. The public trust comes from our status as a system of affiliated charitable organizations committed to promoting care for the sick, injured and elderly. Our charitable nature is reflected in our tax-exempt and not-for-profit status with attendant privileges and responsibilities. Having the cross in the center of our logo reminds us to be faithful to our sacred and public trust.

The logo is shaped like a butterfly. The transforming moment in which a beautiful butterfly evolves from a caterpillar is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ from the dead. At Resurrection Health Care, we are called to be catalysts for resurrection moments in the lives of people all around us by being compassionate, joyful, encouraging and hopeful caregivers. Acting in this way is acting in the "Spirit of the Resurrection."

There are four distinct wings on the butterfly. Together these represent our holistic approach to health care, which is an equal emphasis on each person's physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs.

In the logo, nothing is attached. This is to remind us that at Resurrection Health Care we are not "attached" to the way things were or to a specific way of doing things; we are open to creativity, to new vision, to the signs of the times and to the ideas of our partners.

The space between the different parts of the logo represents the community in which we are immersed and whose health and well-being is our main concern as we attempt to be the health provider "For All of You, All of Your Life."

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