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At Presence Health, we think that your care should be coordinated and personal. We are taking one step at a time to ensure that everyone who cares for you is connected, knows what you need and has the most complete picture of your health.

We took the first step when we applied to be a Medicare ACO. We call the ACO - Medicare Value Partners (MVP). It’s a group of Presence Health doctors, hospitals and other caregivers who partnered to give improved care to Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiaries. It’s called an “accountable” care organization because everyone who participates holds themselves accountable for the quality and outcome of each patient’s care.


ACO – your circle of care.

  • You’ll be in the center of care, and your doctors will listen and honor your choices
  • You’ll receive as much information as possible so you can participate and share in the decision making process
  • Your doctor will talk to other doctors and people that care for you to make sure they have all the information they need to better care for you


Your doctor, your choice.

If you have traditional Medicare, you have the right to use any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare, at any time. An ACO is not a Medicare Advantage plan or an HMO plan. Your Medicare benefits will not change at all.


Care Coordinator – your personal health partner.

Care Coordinators will work in partnership with you and your doctor to make sure you get the right care.  They may call you after an appointment or a procedure to make sure you understand how to take your medicines or schedule follow-up visits.  


We care, we call.

You may receive an automated call from us to remind you to come for a regular screening or to visit your doctor if you haven’t been at your doctor’s office for a long time. We care, that’s why we call.  


Your privacy, our imperative.

Medicare will share your medical information with Medicare Value Partners so that everyone who works with your doctor to care for you can make good decisions based on the same information. However, if you do not want Medicare to share your health care information, you need to call 1-800.633.4227 (MEDICARE) and tell the representative that your doctor is part of an ACO and you don’t want Medicare to share your health care information. TTY users should call 1.877.486.2048.

To learn more, read Who we areAccountable Care Organizations & You or Contact us.

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