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Since 2005, the Presence Health tele-ICU (enhanced intensive care unit) has worked in support of our local hospitals to successfully monitor thousands of patients and perform timely interventions. Presence Health tele-ICU is one of only 50 tele-ICU’s of its kind in the U.S., which collectively monitor approximately 14 percent of ICU beds nationwide and lead the way in innovative patient care.

As a patient, you’ll feel safe knowing your care in a Presence Health intensive care unit is monitored around the clock—even when your physician is not in the room. Our tele-ICU represents a significant investment in clinical quality and patient care. It's a revolutionary service that utilizes enhanced computer software and physiology monitoring technologies to get immediate access to a critical care physician and a certified critical care nurse when there are any changes in a patient's condition.




How does it work?

Often times, emergency situations arise in tele-ICUs because patient conditions can change rapidly and with little warning. Tele-ICU technology enhances current bedside care by providing continuous monitoring of each adult ICU patient, allowing for more proactive plans of care.

Members of the tele-ICU care team, including experienced critical care physicians (intensivists), certified critical care nurses, and data assistants, monitor all adult ICU patients via a remote site in Bolingbrook, Ill. If a patient's condition worsens or changes unexpectedly, the intensivist is alerted immediately and can view the patient via remote video and quickly collaborate with the local care team.

The tele-ICU does not replace any critical care staff. Instead, it is an added layer of security for patients and their families. It offers the expertise of a physician who specializes in intensive care at the very moment there is a change in condition. There is no added charge to patients for tele-ICU care or its clinician services.

Research has shown that tele-ICU’s such as Presence Health’s improve patient care by reducing complications, shortening length of stay in the ICU and saving lives. The Presence Health Tele-ICU supports Leapfrog Group patient safety compliance.


2 models of Tele-ICU Outreach services:

  • On demand Consultations
  • Fixed in room  patient monitoring



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