Presence Health

Presence Health is committed to transforming patient care delivery. During hospital stays, patients often can be at-risk for falls. Presence Health custom-designed an innovative program, Remote Sitter, to safely monitor patients from a distance and prevent them from falling. Presence Health is the only health system in the world using this program. Remote Sitter also allows family members the ability to have a virtual visit with their loved one.




How the Program Works

The bedside nurse identifies a patient who has a safety risk for falling. The nurse notifies the telehealth center that the patient is to be monitored. A telemedicine cart is then brought into the room and a Remote Sitter-certified nursing assistant introduces themselves and explains the program to the patient. The remote sitter also can assist by communicating any patient needs directly with the bedside nurse. If the patient’s family is unable to travel to the hospital, we offer a virtual family visit. The family will receive a secure email or text message which provides them with the link to connect with their loved one. The family can use their IOS or Android device, desktop or laptop to activate the virtual family visit.

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