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A New Approach to Prostate Cancer Surgery

One in six American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime in their life. While treatment options vary, one of the most common involves surgical removal of the prostate gland, known as a radical prostatectomy. For years, prostatectomy meant an 8-10 inch incision for open surgery that commonly resulted in substantial blood loss, a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery, and the risk of impotence and incontinence. Robotic technology is revolutionizing this treatment.

The New Age of Prostatectomy: Robotic-Assisted Prostate Cancer Surgery

The expert urologic surgeons in the Presence Health network employ the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System for minimally invasive and nerve sparing robotic-assisted prostatectomies. The da Vinci system requires just six small incisions (1/4 to 1/2 in.) in the abdomen where the endoscopic camera and instruments are inserted during this two to four hour surgery. Our highly-trained surgeons gain 10x magnification inside your pelvic area as well as increased maneuverability to protect nerve endings. The robotic equipment gives your surgeon the ability to replicate any hand movement in all directions with seven degrees of freedom.

Take Back Control Faster and with Less Pain

Simply, this means that this state-of-the-art technology can get you back on your feet sooner and increases opportunity for:

  • Cancer control
  • Less pain and less blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Lower risk of infection and complication
  • Quicker return to normal functioning

Find a Robotic Prostatectomy Specialist Close to Home

If surgical intervention has been deemed the best course of treatment for your prostate cancer, schedule a consultation with one of the da Vinci-trained surgeons at Presence Health to determine if you’re a good candidate for this revolutionary treatment. Find a location below, or request an appointment and we’ll point you to a specialist near you.