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Between work, play and a life well lived, little aches and pains happen. But when stiff and painful joints limit even simple movements like walking or climbing stairs, it may be time to talk relief.

At Presence Health, we help joint pain sufferers throughout Chicago and the suburbs enjoy a new lease on life. Our orthopedic specialists are skilled in a full range of non-invasive and surgical solutions, from physical therapy and pain management, to arthroscopy and the latest in joint replacement.

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Advanced Treatment for Hips, Knees and Shoulders

After carefully evaluating your condition and level of pain, together we’ll create a personal treatment plan. Often, we start with non-invasive options, including personalized physical therapy and/or pain medication.

If you need something more, you’re in good hands with our orthopedic surgeons. We specialize in the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures, for less pain and quicker recovery.

Just some of our specialties include:

  • Arthroscopic surgery: A small telescope, inserted through tiny incisions, allows our doctors to diagnose and treat injuries of the ankles, elbows, knees, shoulders and wrists.
  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR): Ideal for younger patients, this innovative procedure resurfaces rather than replaces the end of your femur (thighbone), allowing for more strenuous physical activity with a more stable and longer-lasting implant than traditional hip replacements.
  • Reconstructive surgery: Focused on alleviating pain and restoring range of motion to the hips, pelvis and spine, reconstructive surgery can also be used to repair torn knee ligaments and cartilage.

Nationally Distinguished Joint Replacement in Chicago

For severe arthritis and degenerative joint disease, we offer total and partial joint replacement and revision surgery for the hips, knees and shoulders. Many of our hospitals have earned recognition as a Blue Distinction® Center, as well as the Gold Seal of Approvalfrom the Joint Commission, for our knee and hip replacements. That means you can expect the highest-quality care—from pre-op through follow-up and beyond.

Better Precision, Less Incision

Our orthopedic specialists use 3D, computer-guided navigation systems for hip and knee replacements, allowing for laser-like precision without a large incision. In fact, many of our patients are up and walking the same day as surgery.

Rehabilitation to Get You Back to Your Life

Physical therapy is an important part of your joint replacement journey—both before and after your procedure. Presence Health is the only orthopedic provider in Illinois to provide a full continuum of rehabilitative care—including nationally accredited acute and skilled nursing inpatient units, outpatient and short-stay rehabilitation centers, home care and more.

Education and Support Every Step of the Way

When it comes to joint replacement, the more informed you are, the better your experience, and results. That’s why provide you all the pre-op education and support you need to feel confident and prepared. After your surgery, our specially trained nurses and rehabilitation specialists will closely monitor your progress to ensure you’re pain-free and moving with ease.

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